Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let Me Look Within Me!

How much time do we spend on criticizing others or complaining about life, quite a bit right? At least, I often forget to introspect and talk bad about people's back or whine, while I could use that time to do something meaningful and constructive. I wonder how many people waste their time like I do. I believe this is the time to reflect and take compassionate actions to make a difference in lives of our friends, family and  community! First we need to look within ourselves, do we have the capacity to make a difference?

Let me look within me,
Have I received the grace? 
If I have it within me,
Do I have enough to share?

Let me look within me,
Is there a lamp burning?
If the light is shining,
Other's lives is it illuminating?

Let me look within me,
Did I have a questionable past?
With what right then,
Do I condemn others so fast?

Let me look within me,
Was I touched by the love of God?
Why do I live in guilt then,
Isn't it a bit odd?

Let me look within me,
Is there enough compassion?
If there is then,
Why doesn't it reflect in my actions? 


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