Thursday, November 24, 2011

What I am Thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!!! This American tradition is relevant to all nations and every tradition. Each morning brings so many reasons to be thankful to God and to those who are part of our lives. Truly there is so much to be thankful for…

Like many of you, I too am thankful for my family and friends and all the love and flavor they adorn my life with! I am thankful for my work where I have the opportunity to serve my fellow human beings.

Thanks for the interactions and scenes full of inspiration. Thanks for the space where I can express my feelings and the freedom that I breath in everyday!

I am thankful for those brave people who put their lives at stake so that we enjoy this freedom! Thanks also for those who keep us safe in-country and to those who work hard so that we have electricity and water in our houses.

This Thanksgiving, my deepest thanks for the life of my friend, Sonia, who comes to clean our house. Few months ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer but she didn't succumb to the disease neither physically nor psychologically. I am thankful for her fight, courage, resilience, hugs, smiles, and the healing she is receiving slowly but surely.

Lord, I am thankful for the hope all around us and for this day that inspires us to be thankful!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Look at your Light!

Peace comes easy in an environment where the basic needs are being met, people around are reasonable and one feels relatively free. However, no wisdom seems to bring peace if one is struggling to feed their children, hurting because of a loved one or feeling restricted.

Peace continues to call and heart yearns to return to peace but the prevailing situation blocks it ruthlessly. Nothing seems to work, search for peace becomes a challenge. Anger, hopelessness, fear, sadness take turns to lodge the heart. Relationships may begin to deteriorate and one begins to feel lonely. Focus on what is going on may not help much.

And then, sooner or later, a light shines! A light of hope, a light that gives strength to the feeble heart. Actually, that light is always there but it is above the situations around us. And as soon as we are able to take our focus away from our insecurities and look beyond what is here and now, the rays of that light meet our eyes.

My dear friends, let us try and focus on the light and not on the darkness that the current situation may encompass. Yes, it may hurt but try to rise above what meets the eye. Close your eyes and visualize what you want, where you want to get at and slowly move towards it. Combination of 'trust' in God, 'focus' on the goal, good 'action plan' and 'small steps' in the right direction will take you there. Remember the light that you see is shining from your destination, keep your eye on it and get closer to it everyday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lord, make me beautiful!

Laziness and selfishness make me ugly,
Lord, make me beautiful,
May I be ready to assist the needy,
Lord, make my actions beautiful

May love overpower all my relationships
Lord, make my interactions beautiful
May I live to be a blessing,
Lord, make my life beautiful

May I be acceptable to you,  
Lord, make my desires beautiful,
May you be exalted through my life,
Lord, make my mission beautiful

May I forgive and be forgiven,
Lord, make my heart beautiful,
Use me as the instrument of peace,
Lord, make my approach beautiful

Let me not judge others,
Lord, make my embrace beautiful,
Please help me watch my steps,
Lord, make my walk beautiful 

                - Amen

Peace Seeks Justice

Yes, the country seeks peace. But the angry protestors seek justice, The grieving mothers seek justice, The oppressed generations ...