Friday, February 10, 2012

Stand Up and Unite, Syrians!

As the world watched unarmed Syrians being killed without taking any concrete action to save the innocent lives, the people increased their retaliation by picking up arms. The twin blasts on the military and security buildings illustrate, once again, the transformation of peaceful fight for justice and dignity to a violent reprisal. It is unfortunate but sometimes that is the only way left for the victims.

It is not the peaceful way but surely it gives hope for justice in the times of hopelessness and helplessness. We know peace without justice is shallow, just a temporary state. However, more killings, more innocent orphans, widows, grieving parents is not the way to justice.

This is the time for all Syrians to open their eyes because President Assad probably will not to see how selfish he has become. Not only those who opposed him have been killed but now those who have been faithful to him are being killed and he is selfishly sticking to power. In all honesty, this is the moment for all Syrians to unite for the well-being of their families as well as for the future of their country. People of Syria, you cannot continue to be divided and be victim of egotistical lust for power, you must stand up united for freedom.

As we have seen, the world is divided whether to help you or not, it is the time to help yourselves together with unity and patriotism, do it for your dear ones and for your dear mother land! It is time to be wise and stand up unitedly for your rights, dignity and future. Claim justice together!

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