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Who Is A Good Refugee?

There are several news stories coming out of Ukraine that confirm, once again, that often refugees have to face the racism and discrimination based on their race, color, and origins!  Humans are humans, their need for treatment with dignity, food, water and shelter remains the same! And once they receive the safe shelter, studies tells us, most refugees contribute in the host society in a meaningful way. This poem calls for compassion for all refugees no matter how they look or where they come from!

Amoakohene Ababio Williams, 26, originally from Ghana, says he was separated from his Ukrainian wife, Sattennik ...
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So who is a good refugee,
The one who looks like me?
Who is a good refugee,
With whom I have the most similarity?

Refugees shouldn’t be defined 

by how they look.

It’s about their fear and suffering 

that made them seek refuge! 

Don’t look at the color of their skin,

Look at the scars from their journey,

Don’t welcome them based on their clothing or culture,

It’s for the fear of life from which they’re fleeing! 

Be the becan of hope for the vulnerable,

Be the host full of compassion,

Receive them in love to share in hope,

Engage with empathy without discrimination!

It’s ok to be temporarily uncomfortable,

In order to save the precious lives,

With their diverse skills and knowledge,

They will contribute to the society and thrive!

So, who is a good refugee,

That shouldn’t even be a question!

Welcome everyone regardless of their race and origin,

Just because of their needs empowered by your compassion!  


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