Monday, June 24, 2013

Always Choose Love!

Sometimes fear of loosing the one we love overpowers the love we have for them.  That fear hurts the relationship, our loved one and us. Exchange fear with courage. Let me encourage us to love courageously!

Love without fear is love in its purest form!

Photo: Courtesy Facebook,  author unknown

Saturday, June 22, 2013

National Tragedy in India

It is a sad time for India, where over 1000 people are dead and many more are missing. There are about 40,000 people still stranded who went for pilgrimage in the northern India. In addition, there are tens of thousands of family and friends all over the nation that are waiting to hear about the fate of their dear ones. Everyone who sees it, on the ground or on TV,  is affected by it.

This is a national tragedy. My heart goes out for the people who are suffering, displaced and waiting to hear about their dear ones. This is a time when the people of the nation must come together to support those who are affected.

People like Mr. Kukreti, who survived the water surge and witnessed people dying around them may have life long psychological consequences. Here's a glimpse of what he experienced in the temple he was in, it survived the assault, but when the water receded after a cold night of prayer, Mr. Kukreti found himself standing among piles of dead pilgrims. Everywhere he looked he saw dead men, women, and children" (The New York Times). In other channels like Aaj Tak, people are reporting how they witnessed death. These experiences would require long term support specifically from friends and family.  

My salute to Indian military for their heroic efforts to save the lives of these people. Their efforts are commendable. Next big task for the government and NGO community would be to provide psychological and social support to the survivors of this catastrophic event and their dear ones to facilitate their recovery and mitigate negative psychological impact. 

Key resource that can provide technical assistance in this effort is the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). NIMHANS experts have years of experience of providing support to survivors of disasters all over the nation. They do not wait for people to call in to seek assistance but have a community based approach. They build local capacity in simple skills like psychological first aid and promote outreach for those who may require help. Hopefully, they are receiving resources and space to offer help to the needy. 

Indian Red Cross Society is also working very hard to support the recovery efforts and reunite the separated families. When I worked with Red Cross in India, we collaborated with NIMHANS to provide support to survivors of Orissa super-cyclone, Bhuj earthquake, and other disasters. Red Cross Movement also has some simple resources that can be used to provide training to local people. One can download these materials free of cost from the website of the Red Cross' Psychosocial Support Center: 

In addition to the survivors, military personnel and other first responders would also require support to process what they witnessing. Let us pray that peace be upon the affected people and first responders who are working hard to save lives and search for survivors. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Have a good one!

Hey there, how are you today? So, how was the day for you? Wait, wait, wait… before you start reflecting on your day, please make sure you have the right focus as you reflect on the day.

Please start with the good things you experienced today, things that you are thankful for, people that made you smile today… deep breath and recognize the goodness around you even if it just a little bit... embrace it and smile back to the world!

For example, my day started with chirping of birds and fresh cool morning, saw my dear ones, enjoyed their company over a cup of coffee, just like the way I like it, sweet & milky :-) :-) (I love milk!). I go on and on about what happened with me today but that's not the point. The point is how do we stay positive in the midst of difficult times.

My day too brought stressors but stress couldn't overpower me because I chose to focus on the positive. There are days when that choice becomes very difficult and I can't take my attention away from all that is going wrong but I try nonetheless. I seek help, share my feelings and fear with those I trust. Read jokes on Google, watch inspirational speeches on Youtube, take a stroll, watch the happy birds, smell, touch and feel the wild flowers on the way, take a moment to ponder on the blessings I have, have a conversation with God and I genuinely start feeling positive!

So, my friend, just in case you are feeling negative or low today, just take a deep breath and smile! Recognize, embrace and internalize the positivity all around you... accept the freely flowing grace from above… hold on to hope… and claim victory on your day!!!

As my husband says, 'the best thing God ever made was another day… '

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Right Focus Enhances Resilience

I have been experiencing a difficult time for a couple of months. There were moments when I lost my inner peace but only to claim it back. The path of peace is very interesting, as you walk on it there is no guarantee that you will only encounter peaceful events.  But the good news is that God will always provide you with options, insights, thoughts and sometimes people that will help you protect your peace. All you need is the right focus. 

Yes, the right focus! Focus on your belief system, faith, inner strengths, external resources, the bigger picture and the greater good. Life is not all about the problem you are in right now, it is much bigger than that. It is important to take appropriate action to resolve the situation but the action will be effective only if you can see beyond the problem. It is important to visualize the desired future and focus on it.

It can be hard but it is doable. All it takes is a bit of flexibility, ability to look beyond the problem and a broad vision for success. Develop a strategy to get beyond what troubles you to what will comfort you and your dear ones without harming anybody else and you will be well on your path of peace! Remember, not to loose the focus! :-)


The best part is that when you walk on the path of peace, even in middle of difficulties, God sends you his angels. No kidding… I meet them all the time and they come in all packages regardless of their religion, gender, color, race or ethnicity. They just don't wear the white garb or wings but they do have lovely smiles, truth in their eyes and warm hugs! Focus on them rather than complaining about those who do not possess these characteristics… remember, 'right focus'! 

Well, friends, I am walking on my path of peace and looking beyond the challenges. I am thankful to God for this long night because through His grace I am able to see the shining stars that reflect the light of the sun that will soon emerge! 


It’s all about the roots! Our roots don’t pull us down, they enable us to grow farther away to explore the unknown skies! #roots #trees ...