Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you ready?

We know peace without justice is not possible.

While we aspire for peace, how many of us really do something concrete to assist an oppressed person so that he/she can enjoy their basic rights? Please don't fool yourselves by thinking there is no oppressed person around you and therefore you have no moral responsibility to do anything. Oh, by the way, think it through, that oppressed person might be you.

Fight for rights and justice is a daily struggle. It is not to be fought in a distant jungle village but it is here and now. Stand up for your rights and for those who are around you. Eventually this struggle will reach that distant jungle village too.

On one hand there are several 'nice' documents that advocate about the rights of all human beings, women, children and then there are hundreds of reports how none of these documents sufficiently work! And rightly so, these documents can't work on their own, they need you and I to operationalize them. Come on people, let's get to work!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I too wanna be Powerful!

Greed for power over others makes us do wrong things, sometimes despicable crimes. But the crude reality is that power on others is really no power! The more we think we are getting powerful, the greater the risk and fear of loosing it.

Controlling other people's life is not being powerful. Influencing others without force or violence could be a component of power.

True power is not about controlling or influencing others, it is about ourselves. If we want to be powerful we must gain power to (a) gain control on our desires and weaknesses, (b) absorb what nourishes our soul, mind and body, (c) channel our strength where we encounter happiness, peace and hope and (d) give away and let it go.

The day Gaddafi and other leaders of the world realize their real power they wouldn't hang on to the pseudo power anymore and they along with the people of their respective countries will be freer!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hanging out with smile!

Sadness and discouragement are two emotions that creep into our beings without invitation. For most of us, they are frequent visitors and we don't realize their presence until our laughs and smiles feel shallow and short-lived. Oh, and when others notice that something's wrong with us and feel sorry for us.

Na, na, it is not a good situation! I wouldn't want to be in that situation for too long. What I would do is to first figure out exactly why am I sad? If there are more than one reason to feel discouraged, break them down. Then find out how many of them are substantial reasons for feeling low and drop the rest with a smile :-)

Then I will look at the big reasons and see if I can change the current situation around them. Take one at a time and prepare an action plan... a plan that would take me towards happiness and hope and if possible tag along others in that journey. 

Now the things that cannot be changed and yet make me sad, I would do three things with them (a) accept them as part of my life, (b) identify my capacities and talents that would turn this sadness into an expression (for example, if I am missing someone, I may write poetry, make painting, do things that this person liked me to do, or any other thing that would've made this person happy) and (c) act on it rather than continue to lament on it indolently. 

So, let's take charge of our lives and entertain emotions by invitations. For example, I have invited smile to spend the day with me :-) and you? 
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let us glow together

Deep inside us, there is a flame. All of us have it, for some it is shining bright and for others it might have been weakened over a period of time.

This flame signifies our relationship with our creator and ourselves.

The flame was ignited in each of us with specific objectives.  It shows us light in the way back to our eternal home. In its light, the probability of getting lost in the path decreases. It burns any negative feelings, thoughts, intentions or desires towards the universe and all those who reside in it. It doesn't burn the living beings but provides warmth to those who come close to it.

The more we engage it, the brighter it gets, but if neglected, the flame diminishes and is unable to meet its goal.

We are the caretakers of our own flame. We must nurture it so that it continues to enlighten our lives. We can nurture it by focusing on it through reflection, introspection, prayers and meditation. We can do this anytime, anywhere and in anyway.

If our flame is bright enough, we can also help others to nurture theirs. This process is non-judgmental, non-intrusive, non-condemning and it is full of love, acceptance, forgiveness, sharing and hope.

The most beautiful capacity of this flame is that it can be joined together. In relationships and in movements, the flames of people involved come together and ablaze as one.

So, let us search for own flame, if we haven't found it already. Let us nurture it and enable it do carryout its functions.

Let us glow together for justice for all and peace on earth!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Deep In My Heart, I Do Believe

When hope diminishes, rise above the situation, whatever it maybe.

Smile back to Him because He is looking at you with a lot of love and a plan to prosper you. A plan that is greater than the problem :-) It is true!

When Martin Luther King Junior began the struggle, he didn't know that he will become the backbone of the civil rights movement. On today's date 1968, he was killed but his dream continued to live, his words continued to inspire many generations to break the bondage no matter where there are and no matter what constitutes the chains.

But he too had moments when hope wanted to slip away. Numerous times, he was disappointed, the pain from the oppression mounted, but he continued till his last breath because he believed. He believed that he will overcome along with those who are struggling with him. Deep in his heart, he believed!

Let us believe in the deep down of our hearts that we shall overcome too! Same God that Martin Luther believed in is here with us and through Him we shall overcome from whatever binds us or pulls us down. 

So my dear ones, welcome the hope with a smile and know you will overcome!

Peace Seeks Justice

Yes, the country seeks peace. But the angry protestors seek justice, The grieving mothers seek justice, The oppressed generations ...