Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let Me Look Within Me!

How much time do we spend on criticizing others or complaining about life, quite a bit right? At least, I often forget to introspect and talk bad about people's back or whine, while I could use that time to do something meaningful and constructive. I wonder how many people waste their time like I do. I believe this is the time to reflect and take compassionate actions to make a difference in lives of our friends, family and  community! First we need to look within ourselves, do we have the capacity to make a difference?

Let me look within me,
Have I received the grace? 
If I have it within me,
Do I have enough to share?

Let me look within me,
Is there a lamp burning?
If the light is shining,
Other's lives is it illuminating?

Let me look within me,
Did I have a questionable past?
With what right then,
Do I condemn others so fast?

Let me look within me,
Was I touched by the love of God?
Why do I live in guilt then,
Isn't it a bit odd?

Let me look within me,
Is there enough compassion?
If there is then,
Why doesn't it reflect in my actions? 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Where is your focus!

It is better to improve ourselves than to put our energy in improving others because most of it might get wasted. This is not only the case with adults but also with children. Children are more likely to be better human beings if they have good role models rather than a bunch of great instructions but no example to follow.

So, how do we improve? There is no one answer for all. One has to reflect and introspect to find answers for their own-self. I can talk about myself. I need to find all the places where I am wrong or need correction. However, just looking at negatives is not helpful. I must also focus on my strengths and positive qualities. Then I need to find ways to reduce the negatives and increase the positives. I can do it through faith, self-determination and with the help of my friends and family. I will only be successful if my focus is on improving myself rather than correcting others otherwise I will miss out on a great opportunity of becoming a better human being!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Stop and think!

In the middle of the rhetoric from all sides, don't forget to centre yourself and breath in peace! Close your eyes, see the world around you from the bird's eye view. Pull yourself out before the negativity of a situation pulls you in. Be true to yourself. No religion is greater than love and peace. No political party is higher than peace and love. If a job brings in big amounts of money and takes away your peace and robs you of love, it is worthless.

Hold on to peace, love your dear ones while you still can. Inhale peace, exhale love! 

Peace Seeks Justice

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