Monday, March 3, 2014

Make me Worthy, Lord!

The more I am getting to know about God, I feel He has a beautiful plan for everyone. A plan through which He can bring peace, joy, love and justice for His people. However, not all of us are willing to make ourselves available to let that plan be implemented in and through our lives. We are too busy in trivia and our day-to-day worries. For me, in addition to all that, another biggest obstacle is that I know I am not worthy to do God's work. I see my inequities very clearly.

It might be the same for others too. We hear the encouragement and feel God's calling but also see our limitations. Same thing happened to me yesterday in the church when our pastor was preaching. Between his motivational speech and my awareness of how small and unworthy I am, this prayer emerged:

God, make me worthy of your calling,
I need your divine cleansing,
I ask you for your forgiveness,
Let my sinful heart receive divine healing

Make me worthy of your calling,
I pray with fear and trembling,
I am the least of your creation,
Seeing your people is so humbling

Prepare me to endure suffering,
Help me to be forgiving,
Give me grace to walk on the path you designed,
And to share about the life everlasting

I know for a task you're asking,
And you know, I am willing,
Make me more like you, my Lord,
With all my being, I am praying

Not one but everyone, you're calling,
To your grace and caring,
Regardless of background and appearance,
Every request for forgiveness you're embracing

Make me worthy of your calling,
Your continued intervention, I am seeking,
Let me be a testimony of your great love,
Your glory through my life, I am dreaming

                                                          - Amen


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