Sunday, January 7, 2018

On the Go!

This post is for those of us who are a bit different from the majority. For those who don't fit in the general societal frames in terms of thinking, life style, choice of life partner, way of bringing up our children, dressing style, etc... For example, those of us when walking on the street holding your spouse's hand notice people looking at you in a weird fashion, in my case because I am a brown woman married to a white man double my age. People also raise eyebrows about me being too liberal with my son. Sorry but not sorry because I don't see my son as a robot who should follow all my instructions, he needs to have space to discover this world and be a person of his own! Yes, I fear, I pray and I share my insights with him but he needs to be his own person.

 In today's world, more and more people are able to break the chains of social expectations and be themselves. And when being free is combined with compassion and gratitude, it is lethal for all kinds of misery! When you are free to be who you want to be, you are happier and thus are better able to share and spread happiness around! There are questions and there is also admiration! Admiration from those who too have dared to be different and also from those who live very structured and 'by the book' lives but in their hearts would love to break free! You know who you are, right? :-) Before you join the world of misfits, please know -

It takes some tears,
A lot of resilience,
A few leaps of faith,
And consistent perseverance. 

To live a life that's different,
Which doesn't fit any frame,
To figure out every morning,
The next steps of the game!

To frequently live,
Outside the norms,
To defy the standards,
And learning new forms!

When there are hardly other 
examples to follow. 
When you look for insights,
You often find them hollow.

When you're wrong,
For many,
And a sheer enigma
For Plenty!

When often your dreams,
Are questioned,
Your desires and aspirations
Are frequently sanctioned!

When you can't
belong nowhere,
And your restless soul,
doesn't settle anywhere!

When you're an Indian American,
But you also adore Pakistan,
When you admire Judaism,
And also revere Islam.

When you're a Christian,
But you see Jesus,
Way beyond Christianity,
Answering prayers of all of us! 

When all colors
Look absolutely beautiful,
You see the distinction 
But also the convergence!

There are times,
When you're tired,
Of being yourself,
And being differently wired! 

And in midst of all,
All shades of love surround you,
Love that questions, let's go
And that bounds you! 

 But again you decide to leave
Everything you know,
To the unknown,
To uncertainties you go! 

You go to explore,
To embrace humanity,
To appreciate the Creator,
In bits and in totality! 


It’s all about the roots! Our roots don’t pull us down, they enable us to grow farther away to explore the unknown skies! #roots #trees ...