Friday, September 9, 2016

Green Moist Grass...

It feels like the world collectively is going through a dark night, where millions of children and their families are suffering not only the pain of leaving their homes, lack of food and security, injuries and deaths of dear ones but also rejection, humiliation, and discrimination. All of these people bring desires, aspirations, capabilities and determination to contribute to the societies they are passing through and will settle in one day. Millions, on the other hand, in the receiving countries live everyday in fear, anger and frustration. Sometimes, their fears are realistic and sometimes they are exaggerated and exploited by the rhetoric of few. But is suffering for one group and fear for another is the long term answer? Is this what we want to settle for as the human race of this era?

It is up to their own governments and host countries what they do with all the courage, determination, lessons learned and skills that the internally displaced populations, migrants and refugees bring with them. How all of these virtues and the energies associated with them can be transformed into something beautiful and productive. Certainly, it cannot be done with fear, xenophobia and rejection rather it is more likely to be counterproductive. However, welcome, empathy, openness and support can create beautiful possibilities both for the arriving people as well as the host populations. Let us embrace with courage and embark on beautiful possibilities together!

I wish I could sleep
In the middle of this dark night
And dream of walking
Into the daybreak
Over the green moist grass,
Full of yellow wild flowers
And colorful butterflies
Hearing lively laughter of children
Seeing them play, learn and grow.
Young men and women rebuilding
Broken hospitals, schools and homes,
And mixing their aspirations in the cement
Fathers are being fathers
And mothers are smiling and
Celebrating the renewal,
Where all are paying attention to
The wise words of the elderly
To bring the Nations together in peace
I wish I could walk into the daybreak
Over the green moist grass...

Peace Seeks Justice

Yes, the country seeks peace. But the angry protestors seek justice, The grieving mothers seek justice, The oppressed generations ...