Monday, October 20, 2014

Who Am I?

I might be a ‘nobody’,
Or maybe I am an ‘ever-changing somebody’,
My identity isn’t static,
I move from place to place,
And when I am in one place,
I want to move to another place.

I might be loyal but
I am not a supporter all the time,
I see mistakes in myself
And in the best…
I can appreciate some bit of goodness
In a branded evil…
I believe in human beings,
I cannot follow them blindly though…

Am I wanderer?
A doubter?
A loose cannon?
A lost cause?

One day I feel accomplished,
A ‘wanna be’ the next day,
I am nervous every morning
‘Coz I feel like a struggler everyday!

I am traditional
In a very liberal way,
Don’t believe in boundaries
But do follow the game rules.

Rest makes me restless,
Challenges keep me going,
Suffering makes me sad,
Suffering without action makes me worse.

I am sensitive like a
‘touch me not’
And resilient like
‘you can break me not!

I love those who go to the church,
I love those who hate the church,
I choose to love,
But cannot dare to judge!

Am I wanderer?
A doubter?
A loose cannon?
A lost cause?

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