Wednesday, December 29, 2010


by Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz[1], PhD

I usually begin my day by looking at news carriers from several parts of the world. These ten or so sources provide, what I think is, a balanced view of the world. -My place- This morning as I went through my daily ritual, I became increasingly aware of the “person/ environment/place blame”.  The economy is faltering because the president has not exerted leadership. The University of Puerto Rico is in turmoil because the government wants to privatize the public university. Air travel has virtually stopped because of a mega snowstorm in the eastern United States. An earthquake near the Fiji Island has affected the preparation for New Year’s celebration.  “My place has really decayed”…. “The population has decreased by 2% in ten years, crime has increased, and the government has reduced its payroll”. “The place is beautiful but I can no longer live here.”  These are common sayings among the hundreds who out migrate monthly from their “place” to what they perceive to be a “better place”.
There are some messages that escaped the media and thus the potential millions of consumers:
1.     Our place is “ours” we are accountable for its well-being.  The transparency that we exhibit and model in identifying the needs and wants of our place and our role in solving those needs, enhance resilience and lead to peace for all.
2.     I am responsible for an increase in relationships, understanding and peace in my place. We have to identify behavioral strategies within ourselves to reduce walls and build bridges to reach those around us.
3.     The more we play the “people blame games”, the more agitated we become. We need to become more passive. We must reduce environmental and personal turbulence. Let us all resolve that peace is achieved as by giving each other space to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.
We human beings want things solved “now!” no matter whether they are real issues of figments of our imagination. Peace in place occurs when we realize that all matters on our emotional, spiritual, social, ecological, and physical spectrum are solved in God’s time.
Prayer and meditation bring about peace! Peace, inward and outward, bring about well-being…

[1] . Dr Prewitt Diaz is the recipient of the 2008 American Psychological Association, International Humanitarian Award.

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  1. My elder brother used to say,"Man loves peace but he is violent by nature." Now I can add,"A man is a saint when he is not violent." Gudia, You have given a very good post.


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