Monday, October 25, 2010

Reports and lack of reports of breaches of International Humanitarian Law and Treaties

Once more, there are reports of civilians and prisoners of war being tortured and killed by the ones who were supposed to protect them. 

Sadly, this is just one report for one country. We know there are many other examples where human beings are mistreated, raped, tortured and killed, many of which are not interesting enough even for organizations such as wikileaks. Where do we go from here and how do we get there?

Armed conflicts and wars start as corrective measures against oppression and end up creating more oppressors, just the sides being oppressed are changed.

Who all are responsible for these despicable acts? How do we make it right for those children who have been orphaned? How do we make it right for those women who have been widowed and for the first time in their life are finding themselves to be the earning member of the family in absence of necessary skills to do?  How do we make it right for those who are handicapped for ever? How do we make it right for those parents who will spend the rest of their lives with tears and memories of their dear children who were snatched from them in the name of 'investigation' or 'escalation of force'? 

Stand up, people, stand up, to your responsibilities towards yourselves and your own. World leaders you are accountable to what is going on and where we go now. Peace is only way to go. Wake up before it is too late!


  1. Breaches of International Humanitarian Law and Treaties are failures of humanity. Such breaches also occur due to lack of knowledge and training. Your post is in the right direction.

  2. Today we need to understand the importance of Internationalism!
    I've posted an article regarding it , already published in newspapers .


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