Saturday, September 11, 2010

If our ancestors had the bravery of starting the conflict, we can have the courage of initiating peace

Just because my argument is right doesn't mean that the counter argument to it is always wrong. Not only the coin has two sides, it also has a circumference.

To reach the right conclusion, it is essential to put everybody's opinion on the table and analyze it objectively. One cannot initiate peace talks with prejudice or a preset agenda.  

Peace for all needs some sacrifice, forgiveness and acceptance but above all it requires a greater understanding and empathy on all sides. If we spend time in understanding each other's cultural views, religious backgrounds, world views, ways of expression, body languages then we can at least make a solid platform to begin a dialogue. 

We need to understand each other beyond the way we dress up or what language we speak or what we eat because that's when we begin to see similarities that have the potential of bringing us together. Yes, our ancestors may have made mistakes against each other but who says that we need to carry the burden from the past. If they had the bravery of starting a conflict, we can have the courage of initiating peace for the sake of our legacy, our children!


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