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Remember, We Are Free!

Yup, a lot of us are angry and disappointed. And possibly a lot among us are happy because the Supreme Court's decision of overturning Roe vs. Wade falls in line with our belief system. All emotions are valid because everyone has the right to have their own opinions and belief system. And precisely that is why my heart is heavy today because the decision today will prohibit thousands of young men and women from acting according to their needs and values. 

In the very core of my heart, I too believe in saving lives. From that perspective, one can call me pro-life! And I think we should do everything to save lives everywhere, which includes those of our enemies in foreign countries where we wage wars and of those who we deport to high risk contexts to die! I would be most grateful if we didn't have to send our precious men and women to conflict areas where not only we lose so many of them to death but countless lives are damaged and destroyed due to physical and mental trauma. Wouldn't it be great if our Supreme Court and Congress could strengthen laws that would stop the killing of little children in the schools. But not seeing much movement and sentiment for saving lives in other contexts, I question the motivation of the decision today especially when it puts lives of so many women in danger. And that is why my heart goes out to every sister who is feeling angry, fearful, crushed and disappointed today. 

To all those who are hurting today, I want to remind that unity and allyship can mitigate risks to lives of numerous vulnerable women who will be negatively impacted by today's decision. Let's do everything to uphold and encourage each other with compassion and grace! 

My sisters, do not despair,
Embrace peace and power
Your anger and fear is justified,
Turn it into passion and vigor!

Remember when Rosa refused to leave her seat,
You too, my sister, stay strong on your feet!
Remember when Susan got arrested for voting,
Each other's rights we must continue promoting! 

Gandhi questioned the law through Satyagraha,
Remember, you too possess the power of Freya,
They used force to put MLK behind the bars,
But they could never hold a movement in a jar!

Liberty is more powerful than repression 
Freedom is more resilient than oppression,
It's time to indulge in some good trouble,
Remember, fighting for our basic rights is not indiscretion!

This might a moment when we are down and under,
But like Maya, We Will Still RISE,
So many examples and shoulders to climb on,
Let's grab our share of the free skies!

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