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The Right Path and the Right Gait?

What is the right path?

And who knows it?

Even if you find it,

How do you walk righteously on it? 

What is the right pace? 

Who knows the best gait for it?

Is it the fastest sprinter,

Or the most thoughtful wins it? 

Is it an individual quest,

Or we collectively walk on it?

Can anyone critique the walk,

Or the Creator only has the right? 

Do all the walkers on the path look the same,

Or different people walk on it?

And the flowers and the weeds,

Do they grow together on it? 

Is it a mistake

Or the Creator so designed it? 

Does everyone has the view of the stars,

Or only a few have the advantage for it?

Is the focus on the destination absolute,

Or can you care for the weak on it? 

Is walking the most important,

Or is it okay to rest on it? 

What is the right path?

And who knows it?

Even if you find it,

How do you walk righteously on it?


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