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Peaceful Grieving

Almost two million people have contracted COVID19 and until today 120,863 people all over the world have died and we don't know how many more we will lose to this pandemic! My heart goes out to those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones. The world has never seen such ruthless attack on the human race before and all of us are affected in some way or other. Like many others, I too have been wondering what if COVID19 comes close and takes away someone I love or if I am taken away from my dear ones. I am not afraid of dying because I believe in life after death. However, I know there's nothing harder than losing someone you love! The poem here is the culmination of the insights I have gathered in the last decade as I have been grieving the loss of my father. I hope it will speak to someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one and looking for hope and healing! 

Life is more than what meets the eye,
It is stronger than what this earth can bind,
People transition to the other side,
Traveling on the higher tide! 

They continue to live in another style,
They also exist in the fruits of their earthly life,
Their souls may have changed the garb,
In our thoughts, they still abide! 

Grieve the loss , because it is right,
Know they still cherish your smile,
Celebrate their life on this earth,
Before they took the heavenly flight! 

It is hard to accept their demise,
Maybe you couldn’t even say goodbye, 
Breathe deeply and let this moment slide,
This wound will slowly heal and you will survive! 

And one day, we will all meet gay and bright,
Until then, share what’s inside,
Talk, write, or sing, oh dear, unwind,
With hope, take another stride!


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