Sunday, August 4, 2019

We Are In It Together!

Another night I couldn't sleep and one more morning I didn't want to wake up! Two shootings. in less than 24 hours, killed 29 people and left 53 injured in two different states while the dear ones and well wishers mourn in the rest of the country! It is hard to even imagine the pain and sorrow the family and friends of the dead and injured. The impact of this trauma will be lifelong for some, a wound that will never heal. And then there are the first responders who leave the comfort of their homes to reduce the suffering, they too will be impacted psychologically.

We know mass shootings in America are on the rise. If you click on this link , you can see data on the mass shootings since the horrific event in Sandy Hook elementary school in 2012 where 26 people were killed including 20 young children. Nothing seems to shake the leaders in the United States enough to take concrete actions to stop this madness. It is outrageous to think that the US makes the most sophisticated weapons and sells them to the world and yet we have not been able to develop even an average plan to keep our children safe. We can do better, America!

Mass shooting alone can be a traumatic but, if it is compounded with chronic poverty, substance abuse, challenges related to migration, the impact can be much worse. Healing in such circumstances will require long term support. One cannot expect 3-5 therapy sessions will resolve all the issues. Multi-tiered support that includes professional care as well as community and family support would be needed to facilitate recovery. We need to build capacity of family members, friends, teachers, faith-based leaders in basic psychosocial skills such as active listening, validating feelings, facilitating grieving, and celebrating survival. It won't be easy to move forward alone, we need to mobilize people to help each other in the long run.

If we leave these wounds unattended or partially healed, they can lead to more hurtful and hateful people in future. It is our responsibility as a society to come together and nurse these wounds until all the souls are healthy and ready to move forw
\ard. Unless our own are directly affected we forget easily. We cannot do that anymore. If you cannot take direct action, please support organizations that are helping. Research who is doing a good work and support them! We are all in it together!

Events like this challenge our faith too! One wonders where is God and why couldn't He stop this massacre? However, the reality is that God is hurting too and He needs you and I to take his compassion to all those who are hurting. I had a little conversation with Him in the church today, this is what He told me:

I am also crying today,
And I cry everyday,
When evil triumphs,
And darkness has a greater say!

Today I need my people,
To carry my love and mercy,
To those who are hurting,
To shower my grace on the thirsty! 

Let your prayers turn into action,
Let goodness have legs,
Rise people and come together,
Wounded humanity begs! 

Take my word to the weary,
Let them know they're loved,
Let each one of them feel,
Strengthened and touched!  

I invite you to be my miracle,
Among the hurting people,
Bring healing and comfort,
To the most vulnerable!

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