Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Cup Runneth Over!

This poem is a reminder that God has my back! There are so many instances in my life when I was saved from an imminent danger, was successful even when I was not fully prepared, or received peace in the middle of chaos! Trusting God never failed me! His definition and timing for my success may have been different than mine but it is always better than what I anticipated. I have learned that I can always hope for a better tomorrow in the middle of darkness and fear! He has blessed me more than I deserve and beyond my imagination! For me God is beyond any description we read in books, His love goes beyond human understanding and His greatness is the greatest mystery!

He gives me peace,
Even when I cannot comprehend.
He gives me victory,
Even when I have no weapon!

He makes my paths straight,
Even when I am lost,
He sprinkles little blessings,
Even when I am at my worst!

He makes me win the race,
Even when I am stumbling,
He makes me His instrument of peace,
Even when I am struggling!

He lets me shine,
Even when I am focusing on fears
He raises me up,
Even when I am drowning in tears!

He makes me His perfect miracle,
Even when I am deficient,
He makes my cup overflow,
Even when I don't have sufficient! 

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