Sunday, November 12, 2017

One God of All!

The more you study various religious books, you find more commonality in the various teachings than differences. I actually wrote an article about commonalities between Islamic, Christian and Hindu scriptures that was later published in a US Institute for Peace' book. Yes, there are differences among religions but not so big that they would compel people to kill thousands on the other side! And yet those who want power at any cost have been able to convince their simple followers to fervently hate others in the name of God. I want to emphasize though this post is not only about those who might be associated with Islam but also those who are associated with Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and other religions. If God really created all, then why would He ask us to kill each other or torture each other's children that too to please Him? Does He really need humans to defend His honor and existence? Wars and conflicts in the name of God are the most ridiculous examples of human manipulation! 

You are white as snow,
Yet more colorful than a peacock,
Fluid as a river,
And solid like a rock!

You're so much more
Than the Sunday Church,
The morning Azaan,
And any religious splurge!

You are beyond any definition,
And all human understanding,
You cannot be bound in a book,
Doctrine or a building!

They call you merciful,
Yet wage wars in your name!
They say you sacrificed your life,
And ownership on power they claim!

How do you feel,
When your name is exploited
When your love is divided,
Do you feel disappointed?

If you created all of us,
How do you pick favorites?
By our religious brands
Or by faith and good acts?

Don't you think
Dividing your love,
For our greed for power,
Is simply ridiculous?

May you turn,
Our jealousy and hatred,
Into love and tolerance, 
For all as they were created! 


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