Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I am Many Women

I am the little girl,
who was told,
She was silver,
and her brother was gold.

I am also the girl,
who let her silver
be carved and polished,
and look she too does shimmer!

I am the young woman,
who couldn't follow her heart,
because she was a woman
and wasn't as smart.

I am also her,
who didn't stop dreaming,
Created her own world,
and continued devising.

I am the woman,
who was exploited
by the one she loved
'coz she was taken for granted.

I am also the woman,
who fought a good fight,
to protect her dignity,
and made things right!

I am the assistant,
who was paid less with money,
but lots with complements,
Did her work get appreciation any?

I am also the assistant,
who left the job one day,
not because she gave up,
but 'coz she were to fly away!

I am the female worker,
whose capability was questioned
because she was a battered one,
Yes, her boss was cautioned!

I am also the same worker,
who proved herself every time,
became her own competition,
To her side converted the clime.

I am the wife,
who turned stale,
felt rejected,
was her honor so frail?

I am also the wife,
who decided she wasn't
a meal that becomes stale,
but a reality that is always current!

I am the mother,
who became a nuisance,
for a son who's becoming a man,
shaking her very existence.

I am also the mother,
who will teach him one lesson,
that he not only respects her
but each and every woman!

I am many women,
and I will always rise,
be victorious on this earth
and conquer the skies!

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