Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dumb People Kill in the Name of God

Most conflicts in todays world happen in the name of religion, when most religions and belief systems talk about peace and love! How does this happen? Can human brain be so dumb not to understand that the Power that created the human race cannot instigate it's suffering. It's like a mother giving birth to children and then having them kill and torture each other to prove their love for her. I believe God that various religions talk about is more intelligent, loving and merciful than an average mother across the different cultures. It is clear people don't really believe in the God they preach about if they are killing using God's name!
We, the religious people, talk about this great God. An entity who is beyond our understanding and yet we try to box God in our religious books, buildings, rituals, borders, languages and even gender! We say God created the world and us, the human race, and yet we try to recreate God according to our own definitions and explanations. We all say there is only one God but still the most knowledgeable among us spend a lot of time explaining how God in Islam is different than God in Judaism! 
C'mon, people, wake up! Pay attention to what you're saying. Please don't demean God and God's love in haste or ignorance. Don't let anyone manipulate our simple minds for their selfish and hateful agendas. They want to fight, let them fight in the name of darkness. They want to oppress, let them do it in the name of lust for power. They want to kill, let them kill in the name of control. Please don't believe they are doing for God because God doesn't need their hate to run His Kingdom. Period.

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