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O India, My Motherland!

A plea of a migrant to her motherland: O India, my motherland, My identity and my pride! My soul seeks nourishment, Only your bosom can provide!
Your children share Candor and still bond, where conflicts are ajar, Yet harmony is strong!
Your iridescent culture, Your diversity entwined soul, All colors, all shades, Every Indian makes you whole!
Dilli, your very heart! houses a conscience, Woven intricately with Every element of your essence.
A global inspiration for Unity in diversity Thrives on differences, My viberant city!
When I was a child, The rain was enough, To wet our lives with happiness and love!
Our contentment, Money didn’t dictate, There was more felicity, We could take!
Laughter rang in the air, No dearth of games to play,