Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sisters, Let’s Stay United!

Yesterday, my husband and I had the honour to participate in the Women’s March in Washington DC. My goal was two-fold, first to support my sisters from all the over the world and secondly to remind our new president about the need and value of inclusion, equality and equity. It is never too late start afresh and he too can genuinely be the president of all Americans, if he really tries.

It is critical for those who are angry and/or fearful to have a voice and the chance to express it peacefully. This march helped magnify their voice beautifully and it is being heard around the world! So many women, including me, are on fire! We need to keep at it and keep at it together! Because while we might disagree on a few things, we have a lot in common in terms of needs, challenges and aspirations!

There were hundreds of thousands of women and men of various ages, races, colours, sexual orientation, and capabilities. There was enough representation to cover the entire gender spectrum! There was a diversity of great causes too. Here are some photos I clicked yesterday (all photos were clicked with the permission of the subjects):

Here’s a mother who came with her little baby, determined to make her point! 

This group wants to ensure that public education is protected! 

The sign says it all! President Trump, are you listening? 

If it is hard for women, it is harder for women of colour in the US! 

This great human moves on a wheel chair and her strength is enough to move the world! 

Here’s a white woman walking with her black friend celebrating diversity! 

The fact! 

Here’s an Asian woman advocating for black lives,  an important cause we cannot afford to forget in America! 

This is me on extreme left with women from one of the Native American tribes, ‘Mohawk’. 

Bottomline, ‘when we are together, there is power’! 

Thank you all who came out yesterday! Let’s continue to meet, listen to each other and magnify each other’s voice!!! 

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