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Come back to love!

The International Organisation for Migration reported total number of migrants who have come to Europe through land and sea reached over a million in 2015. UN Refugee Agency and International Committee of Red Cross share, amongst others, first hand accounts of the suffering of the refugees. No one wants to leave the comfort of their home to be in the streets with their children in harsh conditions only to be doubted by the host communities unless that seems to be the only option to survive. And yet there are those who are adamant to promote a hateful rhetoric regarding these refugees. And the unfortunate part is the simple people, who usually are the ones ready to help, are following this rhetoric and shying away from their fundamental nature. I think it is time for people to reflect and introspect, without being influenced by others, about who they really are: those who look away from someone’s suffering or those who extend a helpful hand. During this joyous Christmas time, let us re…