Friday, September 11, 2015

Will you, President Assad?

Human beings are enduring pain and suffering because of fellow human beings in Syria for over four years. The irony is nobody seems to be winning. My question is what is President Assad winning at the cost of his people loosing their homes, their lives, their dear ones and in many cases their dignity. Mr. President, are you happier, richer, or stronger? My guess is no, right? Whether you share it openly or not, you might be a bit more fearful of loosing power, ashamed of what has become of your country, worried about your legacy, and most of all contemplative of how you're going face Allah at the end of all this. Instead of continuing things the way they are, you have the opportunity to turn them around. Will you, President Assad?

So many, including women and children, of your country are hungry, cold, homeless, and afraid. When they couldn't live under the fear of being bombed, they left. When they couldn't handle the loud sounds of shelling, they left. When they couldn't witness people being killed anymore, they left. When they didn't have any safe place to live in their own country, they left. They left to find a better place. But we all know it is hard to find a better place than your own home. They are travelling from fear to fear! Many children have not seen a school in a long time. Many women have been ripped off their dignity on their way. You can make your country safe for women and children again. You can step up to protect them. Will you, President Assad?

Please think of bringing groups together, sharing power, calling your people back to their motherland, protecting the women, nurturing the children, and rebuilding the country. Your official chair does not bring you honour, your capacity to make your country prosper brings you honour, you know that, right?. There is still time to take back your honour from your ego! Will you, President Assad?

Sir, today is your birthday. Many must be wishing you happy birthday today but are you truly happy? You're fifty today, a good time to reflect on how you want to be remembered, as a leader or a dictator. Your decisions, words and actions continue to define you as Syrian President. Being hard on the rebels was potentially a right decision in the beginning but maybe now showing compassion to your fellow countrymen is the right thing to do. Maybe words of anger towards those who disagreed with you was alright four years ago, maybe now is the time for reconciliation for the good of your country. Taking militaristic actions against the civilians was bad then and is worse now. Think of who you were growing up. You studied to save lives not to order killings of innocent people. Remember, how the world regarded you as the modern leader. You can become who you inspired to be when you were younger. You can become the doctor who will heal the health of your country. You're a trained ophthalmologist, you know how important it is to see things clearly. Open your eyes and do the right thing no matter how difficult it is. No situation is too big for God to resolve. In faith, take actions which will fill your people with hope, make your country great and prepare you to face Allah with courage! Will you, President Assad? 


  1. If President Assad happens to read this post he will be shaken from within. Let us pray he reads this.

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