Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being A Woman

I am a woman,
And I often have to struggle for my rights,
I thought I will get used to it,
But now I am getting tired of it.
I am tired of justifying my needs,
my initiatives and my vision.
I am tired of wondering: 
What are others thinking of me?
How am I being judged by the elderly?
Am I shaming the honor of my family?
How do I get rid of my feelings of insecurity? 
Sometimes I feel I am questioned
just because I am a woman,
not only by the men
but also by my fellow women! 
Then there are also men and women,
who understand me,
But they are tough to find.
There are those 
who are not exactly a man or a woman,
they are somewhere in between the spectrum,
I seek their support too,
because they know what it is to be questioned
what it is to justify who you are
But not all understand me,
and I don't understand some of them.
I wish, hope and pray we could all come together,
At least those who are demeaned
could stand together and
become powerful in unity
Maybe then we will win more fights,
Maybe then we will not be as tired,
Maybe then we will change the world
towards peace and harmony,
Maybe then we will make a world
where our children will not be questioned
just because of who they are
Maybe then we be will able to 
bring out love from the religious books
and share it with more and more human beings
Maybe then our differences will be 
to enhance flavors, to bring on colors,
Maybe then will not be judged 
just because we are different
Maybe then being a woman 
will not be a struggle anymore! 

1 comment:

  1. Struggle creeps into our lives right at the time of our birth. We should learn how to be at peace with others. Nice post.


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