Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fight for your Rights but fight it Right!

There are times when I am discouraged and loose the motivation to write something inspiring and I know merely words are not sufficient to inspire peace. But then what is enough to inspire peace? And who needs to be inspired? Is it those who are fighting or those who are fueling it or funding it or those who end up making money out of it? Obviously, war is not as simple as groups fighting for their rights with immense emotions but it also includes those handful of people who make money of it and ensure its sustainability.  And those who actually fight the war think they are leading it but unknowingly play the role of passionate puppets whose beliefs have become vague and are confused about what is the greater good! I wish they would stop and reflect and reconsider what would actually help achieve the goal of well-being of those they represent. I hope those who are flourishing on wars would rethink their money-making strategy and have mercy on humanity. While we hope against all hope, there are times when frustration gives birth to several questions: 

Would love for land, power and money ever be replaced by
love, care and compassion?  
Would a child's smile ever become more precious than
the materialistic possession?

Would they ever wake up from
their shallow motivations?
Would they ever stop to look at
the consequences of their actions? 

For how long the humanitarians
will have to beg for resources?
For how long those who fund wars
will be the leading forces?

Will the simple ever
start following their own hearts?
Will the common people ever
take on the leadership parts? 

How many more have to die
empty handed to show
Only souls transition,
not even the bodies go!

Why then the lust for power?
Why the fight, why the war?
Why so much selfishness?
Why collect more and more? 

Stop in God's name,
Stop this bloody game!
When you look at the damage your hands have done,
Aren't you ashamed? 

Which religion teaches to sacrifice the children?
What God commands oppression over well-being?
What distorted book tells you
to interpose pain and suffering? 

No matter who you are,
if you justify the violence,
you are lying about your religion,
and probably have long lost your conscience!

But you still have time,
make it right,
You will win with long lasting benefits,
If with peace and consideration you fight your fight! 


  1. Shuriya, Nirmala ji! Umeed hai yeh shabd koi ek dil badal paen….

  2. काश कि उन तक पहुंचे ये आवाज ...


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