Monday, May 26, 2014

This Memorial Day…

Remembering those who gave their lives for their country with Peter, Paul and Mary - Where Have All the Flowers Gone…

This Memorial Day, let us internalize the lessons that wars have taught us:
  • No matter what party wins, the families of the soldiers who die are the ones who loose. 
  • Everyone in the country experiences the negative financial impact of the war. Now with globalization, other countries too experience recession, sometimes for a long time!
  • No war really resolves issues for good, if it did North Korea and South Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries that fought wars would be prosperous and at peace. 
  • Even if you fight the war on the foreign land, negative psychological and social impacts creep in your country as well. If not, US would not have the shooting sprees in the military bases, thousands of soldiers on suicide watch and suffering from PTSD. Just think of the impact on their families including their little children. It is not worth it! 
  • The more we kill and fight wars, we create more enemies. When we help educate the ignorant, feed the hungry, we make more friends and establish alliances. 
  • Even if half of the money spent on destruction and deaths could be spend on education and development, thousands of poor and uneducated youth who join militia/terrorists groups in ignorance could be saved. And the rest of the money could be used to educate our own children who join gangs and violence in our neighborhoods. This is not rocket science! 
  • If we really want to lead, we can lead this world to social responsibility, development, prosperity and to peace! 
This Memorial Day, let the sacrifices of the brave teach us the silent lessons that are shed in the tears of their dear ones!

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