Sunday, May 25, 2014

Let's Dare to Love!

Language of love is the most popular language this world has ever known. To feel someone's love, we don't need to know their mother tongue. Love cannot be stopped by boundaries or any regulations.  Love touches hearts and lives like nothing else can. Let's feel it, embrace it! Let's fill the empty spaces of our beings with love because the fountain of love is within us. Let us unleash it and let it overflow! Let it reach others and fill them too. Let it flow, let it communicate and give birth to new friendships, new relations…

Let love speak through our eyes,
and through our facial expressions,
Let love reside in our thoughts,
and be communicated through our actions

Let love drive us 
to our conclusions,
Let love guide us
to our destinations

Let love be the foundation
of all relations
Let language of love
be the language of nations

Photo Courtesy Google

As we plan and execute
our actions and reactions
Let love be found
behind our intentions

Let love not hatred
be the reason for all our celebrations,
Let love be the gel
to resolve all our frictions

We sound different,
when love leads our conversations,
We seem different,
when love takes over our motivations

God is love
and we are his creations,
Let His love fill all our
Emotions and sensations

With so many differences
in races and religions,
Let's dare to love,
Regardless of societal complications!

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