Saturday, May 10, 2014

I Am Not Afraid Today

As a mother, I cannot remain fearful and teach that to my child. A mother's responsibilities call her to be greater than she is for her children and their children….

I am not afraid anymore 
of what the world will say,
Courageously, I am on my way,
I am not afraid today!

I am not worried about tomorrow,
and not concerned about false accusations,
With my head high,
I will think of affirmations!

I am not afraid of judgements,
I don't need to pay attention,
I will focus on what I need to do,
Ready to ride on a higher dimension.

I am no more afraid of 
someone snatching away my dignity,
Because I will not give them that right,
I will protect my honor with humility. 

I am not afraid of dark nights,
I will light the lamp of confidence,
I am not afraid of  lonely paths,
I will make friends with my conscience.

And I will not pass fear to my future generations,
I will teach them freedom,
Freedom to fly fearlessly,
With God's grace and wisdom! 

What about you? Happy Mother's Day, Y'all!

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