Monday, December 9, 2013

Peace Workout

Peace is a beautiful yet pretty complex concept. Some say it is a state of mind, others say it is a path and not a destination. Whatever it is, most want to experience it. This blog has tried to address peace at various levels, individual level, interpersonal level and at global level. All levels are complex and different people have different perspectives. Many people believe that global peace begins at individual level.

Peace Calls:

Mahatma Gandhi said, "BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world". So, if I want this world to be peaceful, I must learn to be peaceful first. The principal is simple but operationalizing it is tricky. I have been working on it for years and yet there are times when I give in and loose my peace of mind or in other words derail from the peaceful path by getting into an unnecessary argument. Initially, the derailment would be for longer periods, however, now I am able to get back to track quicker.

Those of us who would like our world to be peaceful, we must learn to be peaceful first. I feel that being peaceful comes from training ourselves. We must practice to look at the bigger picture and the greater good. It doesn't help to just focus on 'what's in it for me here and now' but it is important to reflect on how this situation is benefitting most, if not all, around me. What is the long term benefit of this change, action or situation?

The other thing that may help is to separate the 'issue' from the 'person'. Fight the issue not the person. Always remember every person possesses good and evil including you and I. We may have disagreements with people in certain areas or issues. As you are paying attention to the disagreements, always, always, look at what are the commonalities in terms of needs and vision for future and build on that. If we are human beings, there are always shared ideas, believes and aspirations, it is about searching for them.

There are times where the commonalities may not be enough to keep two people or groups of people together and the greater good may be that people mind their own business without harming each other. In a situation like that, gently find your own path and continue to move forward in a peaceful way.

Whatever the case is, peace is found in kindness, forgiveness and most importantly in training oneself in  maintaining the right perspective. This life is not perfect and never will be. The good news is that peace can be found in the most imperfect circumstances provided we have trained ourselves to keep the right perspective.

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Trust me, my friends, peace is right here. Close your eyes, deep breath, look at the bigger picture, embrace hope, select three positive actions, pursue them and be determined to keep the right perspective. Claim peace and hold it tight! :-) 

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