Saturday, September 7, 2013

Yes for Action in Syria, President Obama!

By: Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, PhD

We have heard through the media that the only reason that the American people have to attack Syria and President Assad is so that the USA does not loose face in front of the world community.  We acknowledge that something terribly wrong has occurred in the House of Syria that has caused fear, tension and even death. Many people have run away and are currently in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.

The American people realize that when you see an injustice committed, if you don’t act, you are as criminal as the person committing the injustice.  The American people are tired of war or scared to act, that is part of the individualistic nature of this society, in part ignorance about international affairs, and even worse, lack of faith in the God that constructed this nation. My dear brethren this is not about whether Obama is right or wrong, or whether is best to stand in the sideline without acting, or even yet to cite the laws, both national and international, so that no action takes place.

We have one way to win. We can pray to God to give us wisdom to develop loving ways whereby we don’t destroy the world ecology through destructive actions. Let us all adhere and commit ourselves to the tenets of “Do no harm”. 

The United States can continue to be the number one nation, and the best neighbor, President Obama will be applauded for his humanitarian initiatives, and the American people will not have a need to be scared.  Let us begin a dialogue about what strategies to move forward that will prevent ecological, psychosocial, and spiritual ecological balance. Let us become the number one humanitarian country and take important initiatives to assist the Syrian brethren.  Some of these initiatives may include:

1.     Instead of missiles, re-route our stocks to provide shelter, food, water and safety to all refugees. According to the news reports, there are over 2 million Syrian refugees in the neighboring countries. Many of them are desperate for appropriate assistance.
2.     Instead of war ships, let us send the Hospital ship, and begin to provide medical care to those that are most in need. Hundreds of sick and wounded are struggling both in country and in refugee camps.
3.     Instead of weapons to the rebels, let us provide subsidies to the receiving nations, and teach the immigrants how to care for themselves through agricultural and educational programs.
4.     Instead of fear among children, let us build schools for boys and girls and turn this diaspora into an experience of learning and a march of hope. We know from experience when children are forced to live in refugee camps, they have lesser educational and developmental opportunities.

These is a simple proposition with just four broad examples, that will make the United States a country of action, care, and an exemplar of hope. It will defuse the anger amongst the population within the United States and the Middle East.  The ultimate goal is to provide a humanitarian action through peaceful actions that will enhance well-being and resilience for the Syrian people.  What is in it for us in the United States? Maybe new, kinder, and peaceful ways, of addressing the internal needs of our country, and a kinder environment for all Americans and foreigners alike.  Less destruction more construction, less percussion, more tolerance.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, because they will be called the children of God”

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