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10 Things We Can Do Right Now About Syria Besides Bombing - Chicago Theological Seminary

Posted: September 06th, 2013 (Posted on Chicago Theological Seminary Website) By Dr. Susan Thistlethwaite President Obama is working the phones, pushing Congress to support his plan for missile strikes on Syria.  Secretary Kerry has warned of the risks of not bombing and characterized that option as “doing nothing.”   Nicolas Kristof, in the New York Times, asks,  “Are the risks greater if we launch missiles, or if we continue to sit on our hands?”

Not bombing is not the same as “doing nothing,” nor is it continuing to “sit on our hands” when a proactive peacemaking plan is in place and consistently followed.

President Obama, in several addresses including his Nobel Peace Prize speech and his May, 2013 address on drones at the National Defense University, has specifically named the practices of the proactive peacemaking strategy called Just Peace as essential to keeping the U.S. secure.  As the president said in May of this year, “force alone cannot make us safe.”

There is a good case t…

Yes for Action in Syria, President Obama!

By: Joseph O. Prewitt Diaz, PhD

We have heard through the media that the only reason that the American people have to attack Syria and President Assad is so that the USA does not loose face in front of the world community.We acknowledge that something terribly wrong has occurred in the House of Syria that has caused fear, tension and even death. Many people have run away and are currently in refugee camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.
The American people realize that when you see an injustice committed, if you don’t act, you are as criminal as the person committing the injustice.The American people are tired of war or scared to act, that is part of the individualistic nature of this society, in part ignorance about international affairs, and even worse, lack of faith in the God that constructed this nation. My dear brethren this is not about whether Obama is right or wrong, or whether is best to stand in the sideline without acting, or even yet to cite the laws, both national and in…

Pearls of Wisdom from Mother Teresa



Joseph O. Prewitt Díaz, PhD September 2, 2013
All the posturing, threats, consultation, and television reports of the last 48 hours may seem that Syria is under a threat of attack, as a result of the inappropriate actions of President Assad and other groups, exposing non-combatant population to sarin gas. Many countries in the world have sat on the sidelines as expectator, amongst them United States, Rusia, and China, while over 100,000 people have been killed and another 1 million forced to exile either in Lebanon, Jordan, or Turkey. President Obama spoke out of anger and those words committed the United States to take action. We suggest that after all the consultation, he decides for peaceful ways to alleviate suffering amongst non-combatants.
This strategies may include providing medical treatment, providing food, water and shelter, and alleviating suffering for women, children and the elderly, through safe spaces outside of the borders of Syria.Approaching President Assad through …


By Joseph O. Prewitt Díaz
1 de septiembre 2013

Todo lo que ocurre sobre la fas de la tierra es parte del gran plan magistral de Nuestro Señor su Hijo Jesucristo, quien con su sangre compro mi salvación y el espíritu Santo. En momentos de confusión e injusticia, el mundo se pone tenso y los gobiernos comienzan a buscar formas de calmar al pueblo. Nosotros sabemos lo que esta ocurriendo, por las noticias que nos provee la Palabra. Es nuestra responsabilidad convertirnos en pacificadores. Ante tan gran cataclismo, orar para mantener la calma, y compartir con todos, no importa su tono o acción: “Sea la paz”.

En estos momentos se desmaya Damasco, todos huyen por la violencia sistemática del Presidente Assad y sus secuaces. Los emigrantes a cruzar la frontera hacia Jordán, Líbano y Turquía tiemblan de horror, la angustia los agobia. Se siente el dolor de los recién llegados, como si fueran los dolores una mujer que esta de parto (Jeremías 50:24).

Damasco cuidad alabada, es testigo de los jóvene…