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Syria: It Should Be About Saving Lives

Syria has been hurting for over a year. Something that initially looked like Arab uprising, eventually turned into civil war. Many human rights activists have been begging for some concrete intervention from the international community. However, unfortunately the international community that can take any action is usually led by their political agendas.

In conversations for protecting human rights and dignity, I miss active participation and guidance of humanitarian workers. Well respected religious leaders too should be brought in to explore solutions. Yes, they may not bring political power but they may bring humanitarian insights that would lead to more compassionate action.

I understand that behaviors have consequences and one should be ready for them. So, I agree Syrian regime should face consequences for not being able to protect well-being and dignity of its people and conversely, in many cases torturing and killing them. President Assad, I am neutral to your political agenda …

If I Had A Hammer (1963)

The wish continues and so does the dream….