Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Have a good one!

Hey there, how are you today? So, how was the day for you? Wait, wait, wait… before you start reflecting on your day, please make sure you have the right focus as you reflect on the day.

Please start with the good things you experienced today, things that you are thankful for, people that made you smile today… deep breath and recognize the goodness around you even if it just a little bit... embrace it and smile back to the world!

For example, my day started with chirping of birds and fresh cool morning, saw my dear ones, enjoyed their company over a cup of coffee, just like the way I like it, sweet & milky :-) :-) (I love milk!). I go on and on about what happened with me today but that's not the point. The point is how do we stay positive in the midst of difficult times.

My day too brought stressors but stress couldn't overpower me because I chose to focus on the positive. There are days when that choice becomes very difficult and I can't take my attention away from all that is going wrong but I try nonetheless. I seek help, share my feelings and fear with those I trust. Read jokes on Google, watch inspirational speeches on Youtube, take a stroll, watch the happy birds, smell, touch and feel the wild flowers on the way, take a moment to ponder on the blessings I have, have a conversation with God and I genuinely start feeling positive!

So, my friend, just in case you are feeling negative or low today, just take a deep breath and smile! Recognize, embrace and internalize the positivity all around you... accept the freely flowing grace from above… hold on to hope… and claim victory on your day!!!

As my husband says, 'the best thing God ever made was another day… '


  1. Yes, I told the same thing to my friend in Singapore but she says the haze is killing her. Now when I said, 'have a nice day", I got the flack! :)


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