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Bring Us Together, Lord!

While we were mourning Boston bombings through this morning, news of 7.3 earthquake in Iran-Pakistan border further saddened the mood. Loss of dear ones, injuries, pain, sadness, fear, anger is being experienced on both sides. In midst of the great sorrow, there is a little yet profound lesson that teaches us that we are all equally vulnerable to evil and catastrophes. 
May God's comfort rest on the hearts of those who are grieving regardless of who they are and on what soil their dear ones will be buried.
Lord, let the dew of your grace heal the wounds, On the burning hearts, send your loving rain, Lord, please reach out and touch them, You see them crying, you know their pain
You are impartial, we know today, Just like the suffering came on both sides, Send us healing lord, in the US, in Iran/Pakistan and wherever else the grief slides  

Little Martin lost his innocent life here, Just like the little one who died there, Thank you for taking them in your arms, And welcoming them i…