Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Live Love!

Focus on potential in friendships not on bitterness in relationships. Think about things to be thankful for and building on what is good. Choose to smile, choose to help and chose hope. Help 'people' and put your hope on 'God'. 

Breath in courage and dare to love! Love even if it takes forgiveness, silence, hurt, moving on, letting them be… Cleanse your heart from heavy dirt of hatred and refresh it with fragrance of love! 

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Live love, love your creator, love yourself, love the nature, love those who love you, love those around you and if you can, love those who may dislike you. Love is the way to go!

Celebrate those who love you while you still can! Hold hands, hug them, give gifts, make a nice meal, write a poem, look into their eyes, sit next to them, appreciate them, feel their heartbeat, see yourself with their eyes, thank God for them, whisper in their ears how much you appreciate their love, make their day today and everyday! Celebrate Love :-) 


  1. This reminds me of at least two different learnings from world spiritual leaders: (1) Jesus teaching on "you are the light of tthe world, and (2) and Profet Muhammad in "My religion is like clouds dropping much rain".

  2. 1000% true! The more we say the less it is. We can win the world by love.

    Keep writing.


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