Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Freedom, my Friend!!!

Breaking up with some you love is almost like loosing a dear one to death, sometimes worse. The pain is acute, eyes overflow with tears, and the heart is shattered. Just spoke to a dear friend who is going through a similar situation. A man I really look up to, who is not ashamed to give me a glimpse into his inner world at one of the most difficult times of his life. Let me tell you, his world is an inspiring one, it is full of sadness and yet hopeful.

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Most of us, men or women, have cried for love  and thankfully, majority of us moved on either from the person or from the situation. Loving someone is beautiful and being sad for them is an inseparable part of loving. Emotions are like waves, they come and hit the coast with great fury, they then calmly retract back to the ocean. Time, and activities are great healing tools!

Love doesn't always mean sticking together. Love means freedom, freedom of togetherness or freedom of separation. Freedom to support or freedom to let go. Freedom to want or freedom to care. Freedom to be present or freedom to  move away when love turns into something negative. Freedom to keep moving on with love. Love doesn't hold you down. If it does, maybe it is not love after all.

Love is not about guilt. Love means doing the right thing. Love is not about pretending, love is about being honest. If togetherness is not the destination of love, don't force it to get stuck in a strange place. Let love take the lead not our fleeting desires.

True love can be silent, hidden and free of any attachment. Sometimes, true love transforms into prayers, thoughts, good wishes, and freedom for both souls. I pray to God that my dear friend enjoys this newfound freedom. Freedom will make the pain bearable and bring his love to the right destination.

Friend, I am so proud of you for loving someone who probably didn't deserve your love, and letting them go when it hurt the very core of your heart, for choosing freedom for yourself and for the other, and most of all, for being hopeful, for looking at tomorrow, for focusing on those who love you, your parents, friends and God. Honored to be your friend today and forever!

This event is the beginning of the rest of your life! It brings you the priceless lessons that you are learning and will become little lights in your path to peace. Please remember, after a stormy night, there is always a quiet morning breeze to sooth you! Big hug :-)

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