Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are You Cool?

I have a 13 year old and looks like being cool pretty important. What's important to him is important to me too. However, one is to look cool and the other is to be cool regardless of the looks, age and gender.

Talk about being cool, I think the coolest thing in life is be able to live a life without grudges, hatred, anger. It is totally cool to be able to enjoy life, without the burden of expectations from others. That truly is the feeling of freedom!

If we are open, ready to share, non-judgmental, eager to embrace, then our life will be light and free like breeze, it will flow like the fresh waters of a river going beyond the rocks of challenges, pebbles of false accusations, quenching thirst of many along the way! The breeze with fragrance of forgiveness that comes from river of love that continues to flow and explore its path with hope, faith and determination…

Courtesy Facebook
 I wanna be able to love people around me and be cool and you? :-) 


  1. Hi Anjana,

    Good post.

    Yes, that's a good definition of being cool. We must realize that time waits for no one, ageing will keep continuing, fortunes will keep changing, wealth will keep coming and going. All we can do is keep a cool mindset and patiently move past all these hurdles.

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  2. You couldnt have said it better Anjana :)


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