Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Prayer for Healing

A while ago, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, my son laid next to me reading a book. I too was reading William M. Thackeray, an English novelist from the 18th century. I was intrigued by the fact that I had something common with him, he too was born in India. While we were reading, every now and then my son would move and I would feel his presence next to me. It felt so soothing.

That soothing feeling reminded me of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and of the parents and families whose children were snatched away forever. I was filled with gratitude for my son's presence, couldn't thank God enough for his life.

How horrible it must for those families to loose a beautiful, special and important member! Anger and disgust towards the killer, disbelief in their loss, guilt for not being able to save their dear one, questioning their faith, disappointment in the system that couldn't protect those innocent lives and sheer sadness are just part of the mix of feelings those people must be going through.

Let us pray for healing for the families and the community. May the almighty soothe the pain of these grieving families through His abundant grace. May time reduce their suffering with each passing day. May the family, friends and community come together to grieve the loss and celebrate the beautiful souls that have transitioned to a better world. Amen

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