Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Humble Christmas

Waking up to Christmas makes me think of what does it mean to me. I see decorations all over, Christmas Carols (songs) being sung in Christian platforms as well as shopping malls etc.  In many parts of the world, there are special services in churches. Lots of people, poor or rich, buying gifts for their family and friends. A super time for business for sure!

Nobody really knows what date exactly Jesus was born, so some Christians do not celebrate Christmas day. They believe that birth of Christ must take place in our hearts and every day is a day of celebration in that regard. I am in agreement with both groups, keeping one day to celebrate Jesus' birth with the rest of the world and making sure everyday Jesus is alive in my heart.

While Christmas has become a reason to give gifts to each other and merry making, I am not sure if that's how it looked like at Jesus' birth. According to the Gospels, Jesus' parents didn't have a place to stay that night. So they ended up taking refuge in a stable, where animals are kept. The place must be stinking, with hardly any lighting and glamour. Not sure if they had anything to eat at all, forget about a Christmas feast. And when Mary gave birth to little Jesus, his first bed was a manger, a box from which animals were fed. The first group of people that came to greet him were local shepherds.

photo courtesy Google
This scene is rather humble and close to poverty. God here is trying to take our attention to the poor, to those who don't have a bed to sleep on, no home to go to, no feast to enjoy. How many of us actually share with those in need today? How many of us renew our commitment towards poor on Christmas day?

Jesus came in poverty and lived like that all His stay on this earth. He mostly hung out with lowly folks. I want to do well in life but I do want to be able to support those who are poor. I do want to own a house but I have to be gracious and generous to those who don't have one. I can't be Jesus but I do want to support His cause.

Friends, if Christmas has any importance to you, think of the poor and lowly around you and see Christ in them. Share the gifts of love, hope, peace and joy with them, meet their needs today and everyday. I will try to do the same. Yes, it is true that most of us can't meet our own needs fully but sharing a little bit out of the little we have, is divine. Merry Christmas to all my dear readers! :-)


  1. Nice article with a very good advice for helping the downtrodden people on this auspicious day.

    Merry Christmas

    Read my article on Christmas Celebrations posted today:

  2. Jesus was born of poor Jewish parents. He lived a Jew and died a Jew. He was crucified by Jewish priests who did not like his revolutionary demands on their religion. He wanted to make people better. Religion wants to keep people in ignorance.

    Enjoyed your post.

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