Monday, August 20, 2012

Breath in Peace!

Inner peace is your right and actually it is just like air all around you. The oxygen around you cannot keep you alive until you breath it in, inner peace functions the same way. Make a conscious decision to claim your inner peace, feel it entering in you, focus on it, meditate on it and learn to celebrate it inside you.

Problems will never cease to show up and the life is too short to wait for all problems to finish before learning to live with peace. And by the way, problems faced with a peaceful heart are faster dealt with. Trust me, it is your decision to continue to worry or grab your portion of inner peace that is out there waiting for your attention and action.

Now claiming peace may not be a simple process especially when you are facing a challenging situation. For example, sometimes challenges overpower my ability to be at peace and I go down the path of disappointment, sadness and fear. These feelings might be important but I am not sure if they are worth it most of the time.

I am learning to grab peace through my faith in God, somebody who is greater than I am and certainly bigger than my challenges. I seek love from the people that love me (by the way, love increases by loving!). I derive hope from all the past experiences where I thought I would not be able to bounce back but I did! Faith, love and hope are my weapons to fight with disappointments and sadness and they also enable me to claim what is rightfully mine, my inner peace!

For you some other combination may work. But one thing is for sure, 'positive fetches positive' even if it takes a bit longer. Continue your journey in the garden of peace, where there will be flowers of hope, love, faith, harmony, forgiveness but there will also be the thorns and distractions such as disappointments, sadness, fear and anger. Adorn your life with the flowers and if you get hurt by a thorn, know that your soul has the ability to get healed if you so decide.

I am inhaling peace with the fragrance of flowers of hope, faith and love and exhaling fears! What about you?



  1. Today morning one friend from Jammu advised me to do some meditation daily. Now here is your post with some more nice mental attitude required for peace of mind i.e. having hope, love, faith, harmony, forgiveness. Well, I will inhale this fragrance for a bigger perspective around. Thanks Gudia.

  2. :-) Thanks, sir! Looks like we are connected!

  3. "Faith, love and hope are my weapons to fight with disappointments and sadness and they also enable me to claim what is rightfully mine, my inner peace!"


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