Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thanks, Coke!

On January 15th this year, I wrote a post, entitled 'Peace Vs. Coke' where I expressed my desire that peace education must have a reach like that of Coke or Pepsi, if not better. The post also suggested that it would be a great contribution if every Coke bottle could carry a message of unity and hope…  Coke's new advertisement brings the message of hope directly into the bedrooms around the world in several local languages.  

Yes, there are more and stronger reasons to be hopeful. Thanks for reinforcing that belief, Coke! I wish more and more companies would take the message of peace, hope and love and make it a jingle in our schools and streets.


  1. Have you seen the Indian version of this? It's worth a look!

  2. It's very much encouraging.
    Are you still in US?
    I had been there from 11th May to 4th June.

  3. Thanks, sir. I am in Puerto Rico. Hope your trip was fruitful! :-)


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