Friday, May 18, 2012

The Business of Serving

To serve others is the greatest act that human beings can do, it is also a beautiful gift to God and the best part is that one can indulge in serving without much cost and there are ample amount of opportunities to serve! This world is full of poor, disabled, and broken people and many times all they need is sincere attention.

The challenge is to find the desire to serve. Once we are able to find the desire, we can easily find the time to serve. Serving involves serious business. It is the transaction of smiles, happiness and peace. The better you are at the business, the more profit you make in gaining all three.

For many 'serving' brings psychological healing. Helping others to heal has healing effect on the helper. For example, I often receive feedback from my readers about how this blog has helped them in reclaiming peace in their lives. However, I think the biggest beneficiary of this blog and the feedback from you all is me. As I write and get your reactions, I gain insights that bring peace in my life and my family. I can easily say that this blog has made me more peaceful than what I was when I first began.

Yes, serving is a serious business, which brings actual profit. My friends, get involved if you are not already and share your benefits with us too. Blessings! 

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