Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Red Cross Needs You

I wrote this poem while I was working with the American Red Cross, Puerto Rico chapter during hurricane Irene ( August, 2011), which affected several States in the US, caused significant anxiety amongst the emergency managers/disaster responders and happened to be one of the most expensive hurricane in the country. This hurricane did not claim too many lives but every single death affects the whole family and the entire community.

During the response, I met with hundreds of survivors and many of whom were very poor. Their roofs dripped, their beds were wet, and food was damaged. Thankfully, at the same time, I witnessed how Red Cross volunteers were making a difference in their lives. Just as one death can affect a community, one volunteer’s life can benefit many people.

More and more people in the communities need to be prepared to assist their families and neighbours post disaster. Organizations such as Red Cross provide trainings around the world to prepare local citizens to be able to protect and assist their communities before, during and after a disaster.

If you are interested in being a hero for your people, look for local branch/chapter of Red Cross in your State and register as a volunteer! Not only you will be able to serve others, you will also develop as a better human being. I know Red Cross changed my life for good, it can change yours too…

Mantra to Meet the Needs Appropriately
Together, we can save a life
Together, we can bring a smile
Together, we can touch a heart
Together, we can comfort a soul

Together, we prepare
Remember, it is worthwhile
Neutrality and impartiality is our style
Together, we assist on both sides of the aisle

Red Cross needs you, come on now!
Together we will overcome, it may take a while
For those who are in need,
Together, we will go an extra mile


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