Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday: Foundation of Victory!

Today is Good Friday, a day to remember that Jesus Christ son of God was crucified so that by His sacrifice our sins would be forgiven. If you believe this story then the forgiveness and grace that flowed  with His blood from the cross is still able to give you a new life.

I wonder what must be going on in Jesus' mind when He was carrying the cross… Fear? Nervousness? Trust in God that He will be resurrected the third day? Or in addition to all that, 'focus' on the mission. Focus on the greater cause than the humiliations hurled at Him. Focus on the hope for future than the painful present. Focus on the spiritual gain than the physical suffering. Focus on His capacity to love others than other's capacity to hate Him.
An actor portraying Jesus: Photo from Google
On the cross He personified of forgiveness, tolerance, love, acceptance, and perseverance. He gave His greatest teaching not through any parable but by executing it. Not sure if He wanted beautiful Church buildings all over the world but I am pretty sure that He wanted to build Churches made out of 'people' that could forgive, tolerate, love, accept and persevere.

Today is the day to celebrate our suffering because Jesus too suffered. Today is the day to learn to forgive because Jesus too forgave those who persecuted Him. Today is the day to look beyond our current situation and trust in God that He will take us through this.

Yes, it is a Good Friday because it shows us the right way of living, no matter what religion we follow or what socio-economic status we have or what political party we belong or what preferences we have or what color of skin God gave us… through forgiveness, tolerance, love, acceptance and perseverance, we will march towards victory!  


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