Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thank You, Emergency Managers!

For last few days, it has been raining in Puerto Rico. Five districts are flooded and there are reports of landslides and some damage to infrastructure. After monitoring for a couple of days, the State government decided to activate the Emergency Operations Center, which meant all the concerned emergency managers had to sacrifice their plans with their families for the weekend.

I have the honor of working with some of them. As the operations were being planned, I looked around the room, my dear colleagues looked tired after a long working week. They might be waiting to relax during the weekend. But it was so impressive to see that none of them said no to their duty, none of them thought of calling their spouses before committing to work without taking any time off.

One more time, I was in awe of the committment of emergency managers. While they do their day-to-day work and take care of their families, they are always ready to respond for those they may not even know. When an emergency occurs, they respond immediately. Unfortunately sometimes their work is taken for granted and at times, conviniently criticized.

To be able to respond immediatly, they postpone their personal plans, may break promises to their dear ones, forget about the next cup of coffee that they hoped to drink. And when they go out, many times they don't know what time they will come back or whether they will come back or not...

You might think why I am talking about emergency personnel on this blog. Actually their work is directly related to maintaining and restoring peace in many ways. Part of the reason why we take our family out on the road is because we know that the law and order personnel are in control. After an emergency strikes, when we see somebody with Red Cross emblem, we feel somewhat relaxed.

But for these people to establish that credibility, they have to leave the comfort of their house to assist others as many times as required. Yes, some of them get paid for it but not all. Emergency response personnel and their families put their plans on hold for the good of others. They find their peace of mind in restoring peace for others. I am fortunate to be working with them and learning from them.

For all those who put their personal life in the back for seat for others, my salute to you! And I hope that my readers and I can acknowledge your work and commitment wherever we are. Big Thanks!!!

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