Thursday, July 7, 2011

Request for Information

These days I am writing a paper on the role of women and religion in trauma healing and peace building in Indian context. The paper discusses the role of women and religion in facilitating healing at individual, family and community levels after a traumatic event. Three themes are addressed: (a) impact of conflict induced trauma at the community level, (b) how trauma affects women’s psyche, social reactions, and spirituality and (c) presents three recommendations for practitioners and scholars to enhance the role of women and religion in trauma healing and peace building.

The paper is mostly based on my experiences in India and literature review. Unfortunately, being so far away from India, I am unable to visit or meet people to gather more insights.

Many women's groups are active in the conflict affected areas in India and have religious roots to their work. I would like to acknowledge as many of those activities as possible in my paper. Please share any personal experiences or information regarding peace building efforts by women's group especially if they are related to any religion/s.

You can share the insights or information as a comment to this post or send it as an email to Information sources will be given appropriate credit in the paper and if you would like, I will share the final document with you.

Thanking all in anticipation!


  1. Last month you forwarded me your said document through mail.But,I could not go through it properly due to my going on a Europe tour.
    Now,I would certainly go through it and would try
    to express my views.


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