Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Most Reliable Way to Peace: Simplicity and Sharing

Have you been looking for peace and can't find it? Have you tried everything and still pain overpowers comfort?

Think again, what is it that you have that you don't really need, what is it that you are dying to get but it is not really necessary for you... those are the questions that we need to ask ourselves as often as we can.

Make sure that desires and dreams may not turn into greed or step on other people's rights. On the contrary, make conscious efforts to share what you already have. I promise you if we do that, peace and happiness is not too far away from us.

We can find peace easily in simplicity and quietness. 


  1. nice thoughts.. in our madness to achieve something we forget that if we bring peace dreams come true and world becomes a lot easier place to live! greed and ego are the biggest enemies !

  2. very nice thought & beautiful blog

  3. Peace of mind comes with contentment.You would feel happy if one is contented.


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